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When you join The Academy, you don't just become a Client, you become Family!  

We are prepared to train you physically, mentally, and emotionally for the rigors of a standout High School, Collegiate, or Professional Sports Career. Just looking to get Fit, we are ready to help you build the Mindset needed to make lasting healthy life changes.

At the Academy, you don't just get sports performance and fitness training, you get a mentor that has been where you are and where you're trying to go!  

The Academy provides mentorship into how to succeed in College while balancing a Collegiate sports career; how to utilize supplements with explosive Olympic like exercise and weight training techniques, in combination with healthy eating habits, to increase your energy and productivity; and as an Athlete, how to take your Game to the Next Level!

Join the Academy Family Today!

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Darryl founded The Academy on the Principles that afforded him so much success: Hard work, Focus and Dedication!

Darryl's experience is born from a true passion for the Game of Football and a drive to be the Best!  A 2x All American and Pennsylvania/Ohio Big 33 MVP, Darryl played Wide Receiver under Coach James Cantafio at Conestoga Valley High School (Lancaster, PA). 

Darryl received a full scholarship to Syracuse University starting for 3 years at Wide Receiver and playing in 4 Bowl Games.  

Darryl went on to play Wide Receiver in the NFL for the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Darryl was even fortunate enough to spend time in Amsterdam playing Wide Receiver for the Amsterdam Admirals in the NFL Europe!

Building upon this expertise, Darryl became an EXOS Certified Elite Performance Trainer allowing him the skills to build personalized training programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients - from those looking to excel in sports to those looking to enhance speed, agility and strength, to those just looking to get fit! 

Contact Darryl or Book your session Today to Join The Academy Family!

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